Why Go Solar? It Simply Makes Cents.

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Solar - It Simply Makes Cents

Solar Power Systems Are More Affordable Than Ever Before

With your own solar PV system from MAGE SOLAR, you can save power costs and potentially generate enough power to run your entire household. With many state and utility incentives, plus the 30% Federal tax credit the benefits easily outweigh the upfront costs, and your system could essentially pay for itself in a very short time.

Estimated Monthly Power Bill
Estimated Monthly Savings


Average calculation. Actual savings vary depending on system size and other variables.

Solar is good for the planet

Helping the environment one panel at a time

Global warming, oil spills and radiation leaks, oh my! These are a few of the environmental devastations we caused by not utilizing our renewable energy resources.  Produce the energy you need now - and keep our planet healthy and happy.

What Happens when you Switch to Solar?

Drastically reduce your global impact

Scroll down to discover your Annual Green Savings when you switch to MAGE SOLAR.

Solar Works!

If Germany can do it, so can we.

As long as the sun will shine, solar PV will generate power!

Estimated solar savings
Tempe, AZ


per year

Seattle, WA


per year

Newark, NJ


per year

Average calculation. Actual savings vary depending on system size and other variables.
  • Solar - It's so simple, long-term

    30 year power guarantee

    With a MAGE SOLAR PV system you can expect a full 30 years of reliable energy production. That's 3 decades of assurance.

  • Solar - It's so simple, long-term

    rinse & clean with water

    Maintaining your solar system can be very easy. Consult your local solar installer for specific details on how you maintain your systems economically, safely and simply.

  • Solar - It's so simple, long-term

    works even when cloudy

    Germany, the leader in solar power, is proof that solar PV can produce power in even the cloudiest of conditions. With the incredible amount of solar radiance, solar arrays in the US, on average, produce 30% more power than those in Germany.

Solar is a great investment

Your bottom line will thank you

Installing solar is one of the most significant investments you will make. You'll see immediate reduction in your energy bill, shield yourself from increasing energy rates, and enhance your energy independence! In fact, a system from MAGE SOLAR can provide up to a 15 - 17 percent internal rate of return. That's better performance than you'd get from the stock market!

Return on Investment


5-year CD


30-year Bond




Average calculation. Actual savings vary depending on system size and other variables.

Installation is Painless

You can sit back and enjoy the sunshine

We understand what your home or business means to you. That's why we partner with trusted and experienced installers who are committed to making your journey with solar power painless, fast and worry-free.